Who We Are

The Asia Pacific Project Preparation Facility

The Asia Pacific Project Preparation Facility (AP3F) is a multi-donor trust fund that provides additional financial resources and technical support for the preparation of infrastructure projects in developing member countries in order to increase infrastructure development and enhance the quality of infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific.

The AP3F was approved by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in November 2016 and began operations in January 2016. It is being managed by the ADB's Office of Public−Private Partnership, and is currently funded by the governments of Japan, Canada and Australia.

Governance Structure

The AP3F Facility Program Council (FPC) is comprised of representatives from the ADB and the Financing Partners. The FPC oversees the implementation of AP3F. Members of the FPC meet annually to review progress, administrative matters, and strategic direction of AP3F.

The AP3F Steering Committee is comprised of directors general of ADB’s regional departments and the Private Sector Operations Department (or their PPP Focal designates), the PPP Focal from a non-operational department, and Head of OPPP. The Committee convenes to consider and approve applications for AP3F support which have been reviewed by the Working Group and endorsed by the Facility Manager.

The AP3F Working Group, whose members are appointed by the Director of OPPP, is comprised of the Technical Advisor, members of the ADB PPP Thematic Group, and a representative from the ADB Office of the General Counsel. Members of the Working Group review and make technical recommendations to the Facility Manager on an application for AP3F support. Where appropriate, the members may include legal, technical and other advisors selected and retained by the Facility Manager.

The AP3F Facility Manager is the Head of OPPP (or his/her designee). He/she manages AP3F, processes and administers all related technical assistance. The Facility Manager is supported by the AP3F Coordination Team and, where necessary, dedicated consultants who possess technical and fund administrative expertise.