(AP3F069 PD-015) KAZ: Hydropower PPP Program
Project Definition
• the population of Kazakhstan
• Ministry of Energy
• Financial Settlement Center for the Support of Renewable Energy Sources LLP (FSC)

In September 2019, ADB and the Ministry of Energy (MOE) entered into a memorandum of understanding to further support renewable energy opportunities in the country. Hydropower development was identified as a priority area for ADB assistance.

During 2020-2021, initial hydrological studies in the southeastern Kazakhstan river basins based on the 20-year gauge level data, in which a few sites were identified, were conducted. Based on the result of the studies and ranking of sites, MOE commenced discussions with ADB in 2022 to develop multiple hydropower projects with private sector participation in the identified rivers (collectively, the Program, and each hydropower project thereunder, a Project). The Program aims to establish a circa. 500 to 700 megawatts (MW) of hydropower capacity in southeast Kazakhstan by bringing in the private sector. ADB is also helping to establish legal documentation and structural precedents to enhance the bankability of hydropower projects proposed for development in Kazakhstan under this Program.

Key Activities

The proposed AP3F TA will assist in the high-level assessment of the sites and screening support for the Projects in the Tentek river. The result of the project definition is further expected to form inputs to the project preparation and procurement of Projects through competitive auctions.

Expected Outcomes

Move into project preparation stage and preparation of the auction.