(AP3F065/CB-020) PNG: Capacity Building Support for the PPP Center
Papua New Guinea
Capacity Building
• Department of National Planning and Monitoring
• Line agencies and statutory bodies including SOEs

In an attempt to facilitate infrastructure development under PPP model, the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) has issued the 2022 PPP Amendment Act, which aims to bolster the existing 2014 PPP Act. The amalgamated PPP Act (i.e., the 2014 PPP Act as amended by the 2022 PPP Amendment Act) provides for the establishment of a PPP Center as a technical secretariat and facilitator of PPP projects to implement the amalgamated PPP Act and monitor its enforcement.


The objective of the AP3F Technical Assistance (TA) is to assist the Government of PNG in establishing the PPP Center through the recruitment and training of key staff, advising on the administrative structures and budget/planning, and supporting the operations of the PPP Center (including the creation of a website). In addition, AP3F would support the conduct of an inaugural PPP Forum. 

Key Activities

AP3F will ensure that the following tasks are undertaken for the establishment and operationalization of a PPP Center:

  1. Preparation of a business plan and budget submission for the establishment of a PPP Center; 
  2. Recruitment of key staff, including the inaugural CEO, and operationalization of the PPP Center;
  3. Support the inaugural CEO of the PPP Center in the identification of potential PPP projects to be captured under the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) IV 2023-2027; and
  4. After the establishment of the PPP Center assist them in the following activities:
    1. Staff training;
    2. Institutional and operational support;
    3. Creation and launching of a PPP Center website; and
    4. Ongoing support to the PPP Center in the initial years after the PPP Center commences operations.
Expected Outcomes
  • More government officials apply essential knowledge and skillsets to explore and identify potential PPP opportunities. 
  • Institutional framework in place to bring potential PPP projects to the preparation stage.
  • Enable the government to originate PPP projects on their own.