(AP3F064-PP024) Project Preparation Assistance: 1GW National Solar Program – Project 3 & 4, Republic of Uzbekistan
Project Preparation
• Ministry of Energy (MOE)
• Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade (MIFT)
• JSC National Grid of Uzbekistan (NEGU)
• PPP Development Agency (PPPDA)

The proposed AP3F Technical Assistance (TA) will be a continuation of ADB’s support in the delivery of the ADB Uzbekistan Solar Program and will be a key enabler for the Government of Uzbekistan (GOU) to deliver the remaining 6 GW out of the total 7 GW PV capacity planned in Uzbekistan.

The TA will involve the development of PV stations for an aggregate capacity of around 250MW. They will be bundled to optimize the tendering and implementation process.

In line with the structure adopted for Sherabad PV Project and Guzar PV Project, for the PV Project 3 & 4, the JSC National Grid of Uzbekistan (NEGU) will be the sole offtaker (with potential support from GOU in the form of a government support agreement (GSA)). The power purchase agreement (PPA) will be structured with take-or-pay obligations from NEGU.

As part of the PPA obligations for the PV Project 3 & 4, the private partner will also be expected to construct a High Voltage (HV) system as part of the PV stations that includes the step-up transformers to the required capacity, and which will remain part of the PV stations throughout the term of the PPA. The private partner is also likely to be required to develop (i) new substations adjacent to the PV stations and (ii) high-voltage dual circuit transmission lines as determined during the technical assessments. The detailed scope of work including the possibility of inclusion of a battery storage unit will be confirmed at a later stage.

Key Activities

The project will prepare, structure, and tender out (up to financial close) the PV Project 3 & 4 using project and tender document templates developed for Guzar PV Project and Sherabad PV Project.

Expected Outcomes

Launch of tender process for PV Project 3 and PV Project 4