(AP3F057-CB018) Capacity Building Assistance: Development of the Regulatory Framework for Floating Solar Photovoltaic Generation Projects at the Laguna Lake
Capacity Building
Laguna Lake Development Authority

The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) is a government owned and controlled corporation under the administrative supervision of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. It is responsible for the sustainable development of the Laguna Lake region with due regard for conservation of lake basin resources.

As part of its plan to further tap into the economic potential of the lake, LLDA seeks to utilize the lake surface area for renewable energy generation by facilitating floating solar photovoltaic (FPV) generation plants at commercial scale. LLDA has received strong interest from many renewable energy developers and independent power producers (IPPs) for establishing FPV power plants.

In this regard, LLDA wishes to frame the guidelines and implementing rules and regulations (IRR) which would set out, among other things, the policy for usage of the lake surface areas for development of FPV power plants, the allocation process and timelines, the rights and responsibilities of the FPV project developers, the environmental and other issues to be dealt with during construction and operational stages and the commercial considerations underlying the allocation of the water surface lease to the developers. A draft floating solar contract (FSC) is also envisaged to be finalized as part of this process. In addition to the above, LLDA also desires to establish the carrying capacity of the lake with respect to the floating solar installations based on a technical and environmental assessment

Key Activities

The proposed AP3F TA project would:

  1. Support LLDA to finalize the guidelines for allocation of water surface rights for the development of commercial scale FPV power generation projects in the Laguna Lake;
  2. Create an enabling framework for enhancement of renewable energy generation capacity while freeing up land for other uses and saving on land acquisition and preparation costs; and
  3. Train its staff to implement a framework of FPV development benchmarked to international standards.

The aim of LLDA is to facilitate the development of  floating solar projects in phases, subject to technical and environmental issues being adequately addressed as well as taking into consideration any potential impact to the other users of the Lake.

Expected Outcomes

IRR published by LLDA, and allotment of water surface for commercial scale FPV generation projects