(AP3F048-CB014) Capacity-Related Assistance: Capacity Building and PPP Certification Program for the Ministry of Transport and Communications
Capacity Building
The beneficiaries are

i. PPP Unit, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC)
ii. PPP Center, Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry (MOPFT)

All implementing government agencies of Myanmar working on public-private sector partnership were mandated to establish a PPP unit that will handle project preparation as well as the management, implementation and monitoring of PPP projects. One of these agencies is the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC).

ADB will support the Ministry through the Asia Pacific Project Preparation Facility (AP3F) to strengthen its capacity in handling various aspects of the PPP project development cycle and help implement the PPP model efficiently and effectively.

The assistance will support the Ministry in establishing its PPP Unit. The assistance also includes the roll out of the PPP Certification Program, in partnership with APMG International, for the PPP Unit to help strengthen the Ministry’s institutional capacity for PPP work, that is, screen, develop, implement and monitor PPP projects.

Key Activities
  • Conduct gap analysis to confirm areas of support MOTC needs in order to establish and operate their PPP Unit.
  • Develop terms of reference and organization chart of the PPP Unit to be established. The terms of reference will include legal, technical, financial, and contract management capabilities needed for the PPP Unit.
  • Design, organize, and delivery of PPP training for PPP Unit. The PPP Training will be modeled on the content of the APMG PPP Guide. This will involve the training of up to 30 staff of the PPP Unit.
  • Assist the PPP Unit to develop a team of up to 10 full-time professional staff that could be developed into PPP trainers to spearhead and execute future PPP capacity building training programs for MOTC and attached departments (“Train- the-Trainer”).
  • Support the development of processes and procedures, enabling the PPP Unit to screen potential solicited/unsolicited PPP projects, identify projects suitable for project preparation and support project owners (e.g. MOTC departments) to confirm project feasibility (pre-feasibility study, business case development/feasibility study), to procure a concessionaire through an open competitive tender process, and implement and monitor PPP projects. MOTC can assign OPPP to act as a transaction advisor for the preparation and transaction of suitable project(s) through separate, project- by-project Cooperation Agreement(s) between MOTC and ADB.
  • Provision of ad hoc support from international PPP Specialist to advise on operation of PPP Unit.
Expected Outcomes

At least three projects identified for possible transaction support in the transport or water and urban sectors