(AP3F042-PP014) Project Definition and Preparation Assistance: Sergeli Schools IPP, Republic of Uzbekistan
Project Preparation
The beneficiaries are:

i. City of Tashkent
ii. Ministry of Public Education (MOPE)
iii. Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade (MIFT)
iv. Ministry of Finance (MOF)
v. The Public–Private Partnership Development Agency (PPPDA)

Education is the primary driver of transformation in any country and the Government of Uzbekistan is committed to improving its education system through a comprehensive reform program that will expand access to preschool education. In addition, the curriculum for the primary and secondary education levels will be restructured to an 11-year compulsory education program. The revised curriculum will provide multiple pathways: for students transitioning to higher education or for graduates opting to enter the labor market.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Public Education (MOPE) is planning to build seven (7) new public schools in the City of Tashkent, specifically, the Sergeli District. In addition, the Ministry is also planning to refurbish six (6) public schools and renovate one public school,  all of them offering both primary and secondary education. The works include building expansion and renovation, upgrading of heating systems and other facilities.

The existing public schools in the Sergeli District have a design capacity of 15,000 students. At present, the schools are operating at 33% over its capacity with some schools doing double shifts. As the City of Tashkent continues to develop, an influx of population is likely expected and would further increase the demand for public education.

Key Activities

Capacity Building Assistance

  1. Support MOPE throughout the project preparation, ADB will secure the placement of an individual consultant for a period of 24 months
  2. Conduct a study tour to visit school’s that were built using PPP modality

Project Definition Assistance

  1. Assistance in the technical definition, modeling, legal review and document drafting, and PPP commercial and financial structuring

Project Preparation Assistance

  1. Finalize bid process strategy (e.g. two-stage process etc.) and bid assessment criteria (scoring, pass-fail criteria etc.)
  2. Preparation of bid documents
  3. Preparation of final draft PPP contract and related bid documents for the bidding process; and,
  4. Preparation of final performance metrics as part of the PPP Contract
Expected Outcomes

By end of 2021, signing of the PPP contract for the Sergeli School PPP Project