(AP3F039-PP013) Project Preparation and Tender Support for Tashkent District Heating
Project Preparation
The beneficiaries are

1. The Residents of Tashkent City
2. The Ministry of Housing and Communal Services (MHCS)
3. The Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade (MIFT)
4. The Public–Private Partnership Development Agency (PPPDA)

The Tashkent District Heating (DH) network, developed during the Soviet era, is the largest DH system in the country accounting for about 78 percent of the country’s overall DH services. Rather than having an individual boiler and pipe network inside each home or building, DH systems have a large centralized energy center that houses components such as gas boilers, heat engines and heat pumps which can provide heat and hot water to multiple buildings via a district heating pipe network.

Following this model, the Uzbekistan State Committee for Investment (now known as MIFT) signed a memorandum of cooperation with Veolia, a French developer that specializes in providing water, waste and energy services to municipalities, for the long-term operation and maintenance of Tashkent City DH network and the integrated sanitary hot water (SHW) supply for a period of 30 years.

Key Activities
  • Assistance to TCM in the detailed review of the unsolicited proposal including an assessment of the proposed technical solution and potential alternatives, project structure, PPP modality, tariff mechanisms and other requisites to ensure its reasonableness as well as its alignment with TCM’s objective;
  • If the USP is accepted, assistance will be provided to TCM to advertise the Project and seek potential challengers to Veolia. In case of market interest, assistance will be provided to run an international competitive tender to grant the Project.
Expected Outcomes

By end of Q1 2021, signing of a lease agreement for the district heating network in Tashkent.