(AP3F038-PP012) Project Preparation assistance for the Sherabad Solar IPP in the Surkhandarya Region
Project Preparation
The beneficiaries are

1. The Ministry of Energy (MOE)
2. Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade (MIFT)
3. Public–Private Partnership Development Agency (PPPDA)

In 2014, ADB carried out a small-scale capacity development technical assistance (TA) for the Design and Strengthening of the Solar Energy Institute and a policy and advisory TA to assist in the promotion of solar energy development. The scope of this TA included the identification of possible solar projects across Uzbekistan. A set of site selection criteria was developed and accepted by stakeholders. Evaluation of several sites was done according to those criteria and a site close to the cities of Sherabad, Muzrabad and Angor was selected as the best site for a pilot PV solar IPP.

The initial feasibility study prepared for ADB concluded that pilot OPP project on the Sherabad site could be developed for a capacity of at least 100MW.

Being the first pilot project of the ADB Uzbekistan Solar Program,  the AP3F assistance will support all activities in the tender process for the Sherabad Solar IPP, as well as the preparation of tender documents needed in the final negotiations.

Key Activities

Capacity Building Assistance

  1. Support MOE throughout the project preparation, ADB will secure the placement of an individual consultant for a period of 12 months

Project Definition Assistance

  1. Review and update of the 100MW ePhotovoltaic Power Plant Sherabad Feasibility Draft Report dated October 2014 (the “Feasibility Study”) prepared for ADB CWRD; and
  2. High level legal framework review.

Project Preparation Assistance

  1. Assistance in the tender process, development of a feasibility and bid evaluation financial model, preparation of tender documents and in the final negotiations.

Other Assistance

  1. Identification of other solar IPP projects and assistance on CCGTIPP; and
  2. Funding for procurement of an efficient online auction software from a reputable developer.
Expected Outcomes

By Q3 2021, signing of the PPA for Sherabad Solar IPP.