(AP3F034-PM003) Project Monitoring Assistance: Dhaka Bypass Road PPP Project
Project Monitoring
The beneficiary will be the Roads and Highways Department (RHD)

Following the signing of the Dhaka Bypass PPP contract in December 2018, AP3F was requested to provide monitoring assistance for the Dhaka Bypass Road PPP (“the Project”) and future road PPPs that RHD is in various stages of implementation.

The key objective is to allow RHD to develop an efficient monitoring procedure for the Project as well as ongoing and future PPPs. The intention is to structure the procedure so that it is replicable and usable for other future road PPPs in Bangladesh.

Key Activities

Component 1

  1. Prepare a broad market review of the various methodologies and procedures for road PPP monitoring and management units (PMMU) implemented by government contracting agencies across the world;
  2. Conduct a detailed analysis of the Dhaka Bypass PPP Contract and other project documents including the financing agreements;
  3. Based on the analysis described, prepare a matrix of all milestones, deliverables and KPIs to be monitored;
  4. Make recommendations on the monitoring and management strategy for the project and the staffing and organization of RHD's PMMU;
  5. Prepare a Dhaka Bypass-specific Project Monitoring and Management Manual covering the construction, operation and maintenance stage;
  6. Based on the Dhaka Bypass template, prepare a general Project Monitoring and Management Manual;
  7. Carryout workshops; and
  8. Arrange for a study tour for officials to be nominated by RHD.

Component 2

  1. Implementation of the Project Monitoring and Management Manual for Dhaka Bypass during construction and operation periods; and
  2. The scope of services under Component 2 will be revised following the project's financial close to reflect the services of the lenders' monitoring consultant(s).
Expected Outcomes

By end 2023, construction completion achieved