(AP3F030-PD008) Project definition assistance for the development of solid waste management in Tashkent and Bekabad
Project Definition
PPP Development Agency (P3DA)
Tashkent City Hokimiyat
State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection (SCEEP)

The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan (the “Government”), through the PPP Development Agency (P3DA) under the Ministry of Finance, the State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection (SCEEP) and Tashkent City Hokimiyat, aims to carry out a complete overhaul of the country’s solid waste management (SWM) system to meet increasing demand and avert potentially serious service disruptions. SCEEP and Tashkent City Hokimiyat are mandated to implement the Government’s policy in the areas of ecology, environmental protection, use and production of natural resources and treatment of waste in the cities of Tashkent and Bekabad.

The rehabilitation and upgrade of the SWM services in the country are a priority of the Government. The main objective is to meet the sector’s international standards through the implementation of an efficient SWM system. To achieve this objective, the Government is considering the involvement of private developers and operators in the areas of collection, transportation, utilization, processing, dumping and management of waste, and the development of a number of SWM projects under a long-term public-private partnership (PPP) modality. In order to kick-start this process, the Government intends to promote the development of a pilot project in Tashkent and Bekabad cities, involving development of concepts/pre-feasibility studies for the whole process of SWM in the two cities on a PPP basis (the “Project”).

This is the first joint ADB and Global Infrastructure Facility activity.

Key Activities
  1. Define the optimal Project structure under which of SWM services in the two cities, Tashkent and Bekabad, can be developed on a PPP basis

  2. Prepare a project concept/definition report

  3. Determine the basis on which the Project will move to the preparation and structuring phase