(AP3F016-PD002) Capacity building and project definition assistance to the Department of Macroeconomic Affairs
Project Definition
The beneficiaries are

1. Ministry of Finance (MOF) and, where applicable, State Owned Enterprises (SOE)
2. Nine line ministries
3. Municipal offices of Bhutan’s districts
4. Other relevant institutions collaborating with MOF on its PPP initiative
5. Private sector stakeholders

With the PPP Policy in place and the PPP Rules & Regulations drafted, the government has reached a broad consensus on moving the PPP initiative forward. MOF now plans to develop a PPP project pipeline and implement one pilot PPP project in 2018. The implementation of this pilot PPP project will enable MOF to identify areas of improvement in the PPP initiative and make amendments where necessary.

Key Activities
  • Review the PPP Rules & Regulations 2016, draft PPP guidelines/best practices, and standard PPP bidding documents and PPP heads of agreement.
  • Organize executive training workshops in Thimphu for targeted beneficiaries and three general consultation meetings with PPP stakeholders.
  • Train MOF officers to undertake the APMG PPP Certification Foundation Exam and fund participation of relevant MOF officers to regional PPP conferences and fact finding missions.
  • Help MOF assess, screen and select PPP project proposals received from implementing institutions for the purpose of putting together a pipeline of viable PPP projects.
  • Help MOF in the selection of a pilot PPP project and its initial implementation.
Expected Outcomes

At least two PPP projects to achieve commercial or financial close using legal documents and guidelines prepared under AP3F assistance by 2020.