(AP3F015-PP005) Project preparation assistance for the implementation of PPP solutions in Dili's urban solid waste management
Project Preparation
The target beneficiaries are

1. Ministry of State Administration (MSA)
2. Dili Municipal Authority (DMA)
3. Dili’s residents, businesses establishments and tourists

The Council of Ministers approved in late 2016 the Dili SWM integrated investment strategy submitted by MSA to improve storage and collection services, as well as rehabilitation/management of the existing landfill in Tibar. This strategy is to be implemented through PPP modalities over an initial period of five years. Operational and maintenance costs are to be funded from a surcharge on electricity tariffs. Similarly, storage/collection costs may be recovered by charging a collection fee.

Key Activities
  • Assist MSA/DMA in determining/finalizing specialist equipment needs (bins, vehicles) for waste collection, transportation and compaction and in preparing tender documentation for purchasing said equipment from suitable supplier(s).
  • Assist in preparation of tender documentation for two service agreements to collect urban solid waste and transport it to Tibar Bay landfill (including setting appropriate KPIs for the private contractors).
  • Assist preparation of tender documentation for one agreement to design, build, remediate and operate the Tibar landfill (including setting appropriate KPIs for the private contractor).
  • Assist in managing all tender processes, negotiating and signing agreements, and identifying future project management needs.
Expected Outcomes

Increase in percentage of urban solid waste collected by service providers and in the recyclables’ recovery rate, and Tibar Bay landfill to be transformed from an open dumpsite to a controlled area (by 2019/2020).