(AP3F014-CB008) Capacity building assistance to the PPP Authority and PPP Certification Program
Capacity Building
The beneficiaries are

1. Public-Private Partnership Authority (PPPA)
2. Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, Roads and Highways Department’s, PPP Cell (RHD)

The PPP Act 2015 provides a legal basis for PPPA to serve as the central government agency to facilitate PPP program in Bangladesh, as part of the Government's Vision 2021 to better meet the need for enhanced, high quality public services in a fiscally sustainable manner. Through well-designed PPP training curricular, Bangladesh intends to develop a stable cadre of capable, well-trained and experienced government officials in line ministries to facilitate and sustain private sector investment in a pipeline of well-prepared PPPs, to be competitively tendered and capably managed, starting with the officials of PPPA. This AP3F TA’s incorporation of the APMG PPP Certification Program in the training curricular and a pathway for PPPA employees to obtain PPP Certification would enable PPPA’s institutional capacity to be benchmarked to international standards endorsed by MDBs – such certification support for a national PPP unit is a first for PPPA and also for AP3F’s capacity building interventions. In addition to obtaining PPP certification, the AP3F TA will help to ensure that PPPA’s staff shall be properly trained to deliver the PPP training curricular to government officials tasked with developing PPP projects, starting with the RHD, the government agency with a substantial pipeline of road transport PPP projects to be developed.

Key Activities
  • Design, organize and deliver capacity building PPP training workshops for PPPA, that will also help PPPA employees to pass the APMG PPP Certification Foundation Exam;
  • Assist PPPA to groom a team of PPP trainers to execute the PPP training curricular and obtain full certified PPP professional certification;
  • Assist PPPA in reviewing and improving the 2013 PPP Screening Manual; and
  • The TA consultant will supervise the PPPA trainers who will roll-out the planned PPP capacity training workshop for RHD.
Expected Outcomes

At least three road transport PPP projects to reach commercial or financial close by 2020.