(AP3F013-CB007) Capacity building assistance for the development of ports under PPP modalities
Capacity Building
Thai Marine Department, Ministry of Transport

Development of water transport infrastructure is one of the key factors for strengthening the economy of the Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand’s Public Private Partnership Strategic Plan for 2015-2019 (PPP Strategic Plan) incorporates a pipeline of sea port projects (Strategic PPP Project Pipeline) that have been identified for private sector investment or participation. TMD is responsible for the development and promotion of piers, ports, shipyards, national shipping fleet as well as other related services, and is directly responsible for a number of seaport development projects named in the Strategic PPP Project Pipeline. TMD was interested in AP3F to better understand how PPP schemes could be applied to its pipeline of port projects, in particular, the Pak Bara deep-seaport, Songkla (II) deep-seaport, and southern cruise terminal projects. TMD therefore applied for AP3F support to reinforce its capacity and knowledge of PPPs, so as to better prepare and structure projects for the development, operation and management of seaport infrastructure with private sector participation.

Key Activities

PPP training program for capacity building and knowledge enhancement designed for 130 TMD staff including 90 senior executives from TMD’s offices nationwide. Key outputs of the PPP training program include:

  • Documentation of the full nine-day training program in MS PowerPoint format (in English and Thai languages);
  • Guidance on various stages of the PPP project cycle;
  • Standard risk allocation matrices;
  • Paper on case studies of PPP and sea port projects; and
  • Project completion report.
Expected Outcomes

At least one seaport development PPP project to reach commercial close by 2020.